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In the spring of 1999, The Watchmen had been having a great run with our new record, "Silent Radar". Our touring schedule at the time made our lives busier that we had ever been. The single "Stereo" was catching on as we travelled through Canada, Germany, the USA, the Netherlands, England and onwards. Towards the end of this touring cycle we began, for the first time, getting some attention in Australia which led to several trips back and forth over the next year. Radio tours, acoustic tours, full band showcases and one oddly placed tour with Australian rockers The Screaming Jets followed. We fell in love with the country and the people. Lucky for us, and now for you, we have one recorded memory from this crazy period to share.

In the summer of 2013, we came across an acoustic live recording from our Australian promotional adventures featuring 11 songs. Seven songs from "Silent Radar", our live staple from “In The Trees” All Uncovered, plus Admiral Of The Sea by Nova Mob and Timeless Melody by the La's (favourite songs of ours which were regularly featured in our sets at this time).

When "Live Acoustic At The Hopetoun Hotel" was recorded we had already begun writing for the next record. As we would regularly try out new material while on tour, the song Everywhere Is Grey happened to be in the set as well. For all intents and purposes, this is a brand new track by The Watchmen that has never seen the light of day…until now.

We hope you enjoy this live acoustic set from May 1999.
The Watchmen

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1. Do It
2. Any Day Now
3. I'm Waiting
4. Brighter Hell
5. Timeless Melody
6. Say Something
7. Everywhere is Grey
8. All Uncovered
9. Stereo
10. Admiral Of The Sea
11. Silent Radar

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In The Trees 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition



Toronto, ON (August 17, 2014) – Celebrating the 20th anniversary of their quintessential, platinum certified sophomore album ‘In The Trees’, iconic Canadian alt-rockers The Watchmen have announced the September 16th release (via Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company), of a two-disc, deluxe edition of the breakthrough album that catapulted the band into stardom - delivering their unique style and sound to the masses. In support of the release, The Watchmen have also revealed a handful of live dates, including a double shot at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto September 18th and 19th, Mavericks in Ottawa September 20th and more throughout 2014.

Disc One of the Deluxe Edition features the JUNO Award nominated ‘In The Trees’ in its remastered form, and also includes some never-before-heard demos of album outtakes. The follow-up to 1992’s ‘McLaren Furnace Room’ (named for the band’s rehearsal space in the basement of the McLaren Hotel), ‘In The Trees’ was a definitive album for The Watchmen (Danny Greaves, Joey Serlin, Sammy Kohn and Ken Tizzard), with success vindicated by radio stats, album sales and a supporting tour that spanned nearly two years and took the band around the world.

Disc Two includes an amazing and rare glimpse at the album’s humble beginnings, with demos from the fall of 1993 when Pete Loewen was still on bass as well as the first demo sessions following the recruitment of new bassist Tizzard. Additionally, it captures The Watchmen live via a soundboard recording for a Dutch Radio station, and wraps with a live acoustic version of ‘In My Mind’, recorded at the Q107 studios in Toronto.

Arguably one of the most commercially successful Canadian bands of the mid to late 90s, The Watchmen saw three of their albums certified gold – McLaren Furnace Room (1992), Silent Radar (1998) and Slomotion (2001) – in addition to the platinum certification of “In The Trees”. “In The Trees” (Deluxe Edition) includes heavy hitting singles ‘Boneyard Tree,’ ‘All Uncovered’ and ‘Lusitana,’ reminding all of us of the hauntingly soulful vocals of Greaves, complimented by Serlin’s melodic guitar and Kohn’s hypnotic percussion.

This September, fans should be on the lookout for “Uncovered: The Story of The Watchmen”, Toronto-based author Vanessa Azzoli’s writing debut (Eternal Cavalier Press), which combines extensive research and unfettered access to the band to tell the story of The Watchmen’s twenty-plus years on the road – captivating and genuine.

Pre-order “In The Trees” at iTunes.ca on August 26th.

IN THE TREES Track listing:
Disc One
1. 34 Dead St.
2. Boneyard Tree
3. Lusitana
4. Wiser
5. Calm
6. All Uncovered
7. In My Mind
8. Laugher
9. The South
10. Born Afire
11. Vovo Diva
12. Middle East
13. Nothing (Demo Outtake)
14. Take My Fever (Demo Outtake)
15. Hurting Place (Demo Outtake)
16. Dragon (Demo Outtake)
17. In The Trees (Demo Outtake)

Disc Two

1. 34 Dead Street (Demo)
2. Boneyard Tree (Demo)
3. Lusitana (Demo)
4. Wiser (Demo)
5. Calm (Demo)
6. All Uncovered (Demo)
7. In My Mind (Demo)
8. Laugher (Demo)
9. The South (Demo)
10. Born Afire (Demo)
11. Vovo Diva (Demo)
12. Middle East (Demo)
13. Lusitana (Live)
14. All Uncovered (Live)
15. Boneyard Tree (Live)
16. Middle East (Live)
17. In My Mind (Acoustic)

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416.464.8220 / Charlotte@RedUmbrellaPR.com
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Eternal Cavalier Press proudly presents Uncovered, the biography of The Watchmen

Due September 2014 from debut author Vanessa Azzoli

Eternal Cavalier Press is proud to announce the release of Uncovered: The Story of The Watchmen, the first biography of Canadian rock stalwarts The Watchmen, due September 2014.

Written by Toronto-based first-time author Vanessa Azzoli, this informative and all-encompassing look at one of the country's most dynamic rock bands comes as the band readies the 20th anniversary re-issue of their breakthrough release In The Trees. (Released by Universal Canada)

Written with both passionate respect and a keen eye for uncovering the stories rarely told, the biography recounts the history of The Watchmen, a band that represents an important time in Canadian rock and roll. Azzoli examines the band's roots, their countless hours spent on the road, the making of In The Trees and finally what the legacy of this determined roots rock acts figures to be.

"Seeing the band live for the first time was like nothing else," reflects Azzoli, who spends her days working in the music industry. "It was the first time I actually experienced what a ‘musical family’ felt like. They're charismatic, captivating and insanely talented."

Originally hailing from Winnipeg, The Watchmen gained critical success and developed a loyal following throughout the '90s with the singles "Stereo," "Boneyard Tree" and "All Uncovered." Mass commercial success may have eluded the band but their influence is no less tangible; they are one of countless Canadian acts whose earnest approach to touring the country paved the way for future generations of musicians. Throughout their 15-year career the band released Gold and Platinum selling records in Canada and shared the stage with the likes of The Tragically Hip and The Foo Fighters. Though they officially parted ways in 2003 the band has continued to play Toronto's legendary Horseshoe Tavern and will do so again on September 18th and 19th, 2014.

Azzoli has been involved in IndieWeek, NXNE and has sat on the jury for FACTOR grants. She maintains a column on the King Luck Music blog.

The book will be available for sale in online outlets, and independent book and record stores throughout the country.

Eternal Cavalier Press is a Toronto-based independent publisher focused on Canadian music and culture. Their debut release, Escape is at Hand: Tales of a Boy and a Band (Joshua Kloke) was the first book in print about The Tragically Hip. Stylus Magazine recommended the book "...for die-hard music fans of all stripes."

The response from the fans and industry after last years Horseshoe shows was overwhelming. Offers came in to play more and more shows and before we knew it, what was supposed to be a one time thing became something else entirely. The band was in agreement that something was missing from the experience. We needed the buzz and satisfaction of creating new songs together. We made a decision to make new music for the first time in years. Ken had some songs and I had some songs and we decided to track a few at Vapor studios. With the help of engineer/mixer Julian Rudd, we set up, looked at each, took a deep breath and went for it. Sammy counted in the first track and within a few bars, years disappeared. I listened back and realized for the first time, how special our chemistry is. Maybe time and distance allowed for that perspective. These songs are the result of four guys who grew up together as musicians and human beings. They are my brothers and I'm proud to have made this music with them. I hope you like what you hear.
A special thank you to Julian Rudd. He put his heart and soul (and many hours) into this. Without him it would not have happened.
-September 2009


Miss Monday Morning

Trampoline and Miss Monday Morning were recorded at Vapor Studios
Engineered and Mixed by Julian Rudd
Produced by Joey Serlin

Silent Radar Redux - An mp3 download of the performance at The Horseshoe Tavern in September, 2011.

Old Watchmen favorites, 'The South' and 'Sleep' are included in the 2011 TIFF selected film "The Whistleblower" staring Rachel Weisz. Based on true events, The Whistleblower is a harrowing political thriller that recounts the story of Nebraska police officer Kathryn Bolkovac, who discovers a deplorable United Nations cover-up and launches an indomitable fight for justice.